The decision to make a move can be a welcome and uplifting choice for your family or business, but putting that choice into action requires planning, forethought, and work. Here's a pre-move checklist to get you on the right path!

Review Your Legal Rights and Obligations

A move is painful enough without having to stop midway through because of a missing piece of paperwork or a forgotten fee. Write out the needed legal forms and receipts needed on a whiteboard or poster board with a status update showing whether they're submitted, confirmed received and accepted, or their due date set to a reasonable time in case of slow processing. Try to read through all of the paperwork if at all possible, and ask for trusted legal advice if you are unable to do so or need help with translating the terminology.

Create an Inventory and Boxing Code

There's a high likelihood that you'll grow tired of unboxing after a few hours or will need to unpack a special item in an emergency. Assign every container a recognizable code;  it could be as simple as  "Dad-1" and "Main Office Supply 1" or as complex as your organization system requires. Instead of digging through boxes, you can just look for the item in your inventory and find the box code.

Plan the Move

The physical act of moving the product from where it is now to where it needs to be has to be considered. It will take time to disassemble and organize the space according to your boxing plan, and a four bedroom home typically has enough contents for multiple trips in the largest of the non-CDL rentals available for vehicles, and it becomes even trickier when you incorporate needing to travel halfway around the globe. You should when each step of the paperwork and physical work should be done, and then you have to create a timeline that allows a bit of leeway in case of one of the real world's ever present obstacles.

The best way to do this is to have a calendar with an attached notebook of information, whether it happens to be a 12-month flip book of kittens and an old three-ring binder or it's a savvy app that you can access from the Cloud and update your plan the moment a change occurs. If you live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, then both the physical and digital guidebooks to your move should have the website and phone number of Hedberg Moving Solutions so you have a reliable fallback if any of your other transport plans don't pan out.

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