A new location represents new opportunities, but a slow move can make realizing those benefits take longer through lost opportunities and revenue. Maximize the returns of your new lease by minimizing the time you spend transitioning between office sites.

Take Stock of Your Site's Inventory

An expeditious move consists of rapidly transitioning from one site to another with vital functions and equipment settling into place immediately and being promptly followed by the rest in a sensible order. Before you know how to move your office in this way, you need to know what you'll be moving. Take a full stock of your office's inventory, paying special attention to office furniture and sensitive or important items like computer equipment and financial transaction equipment.

Assess the New Location's Dimensions

Before you move one piece of the office to the new location, measure the height, width, and length of every nook and cranny. A blueprint can be handy, but some alterations may not have made it into the official documents.

Don't Move What You Plan on Replacing

If you have extra time on your previous lease, consider leaving behind any equipment that you are planning to sell or trash. Having less things to move will cut down on both the cost of moving and the time it takes. Just be careful not to leave anything behind for too long unless you plan on donating it to your former landlords or the new tenants.

Deliberate the Moving Plan with Essential Staff

If only one person is behind the moving plan, the needs of other workers and departments can be forgotten unintentionally. If you accidentally leave a vital piece of the office in the boxes scheduled to be shipped last, your new location can hit a choke point in productivity that won't clear until it arrives. 

Schedule a Professional Shipping Service in Advance

Unless your company just happens to be a shipping and transportation business, you don't want to overburden your staff and resources by giving them a task that they aren't accustomed to doing. Once you know the what, where, and when of the move, the how should be left to a professional moving service like Hedberg Moving Solutions. The reliable and experienced movers at Hedberg have experience in moving businesses across the country in a way that's as fast as it is secure.

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