Planning ahead is always important as you prepare to move. However, if you are moving out of and/or into an apartment complex, there are a few extra things that you need to plan for. If you have never moved into or out of an apartment before, you may not even think about these things, which can slow down your move or even cause it to come grinding to a stop. Here are a few of the things you need to plan ahead for when moving into or out of an apartment complex.

How to Secure Parking for Your Moving Truck

Most apartment complexes have limited parking. Unlike moving into a home, you cannot simply pull a moving truck up to your home and load or unload it. As such, you need to carefully think about where a moving truck will fit in your complex and ask management how to secure parking for your moving truck. You may need to block spaces off a night ahead of time, or you they may require you to park the truck on the street and haul all of your furniture and boxes out there.

What Hours You Can Move During

As you move in or out of a complex, those in the adjoining complexes may hear you as you walk up and down stairs or use a furniture dolley. In order to ensure a peaceful environment for all residents, many complexes have rules related to what times you can move during. Always ask your complex about these rules and what their times are and plan accordingly. This ensures you aren't asked to stop halfway through your move.

What Insurance the Apartment Complex Requires Movers to Carry

The last factor to consider as you plan for your move into or out of an apartment is what insurance the apartment complex requires movers to carry. An apartment complex is private property, and because of this, the complex can require movers to have more insurance than required by law. This helps protect the complex if the movers damage their building during a move. Always ask management what insurance and licenses they require from an apartment moving company and then find a company that offers this amount.

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