Tidy Up and Organize

The first step is to do a thorough round of cleaning. Toss through the drawers, pull out everything in the closet, empty the shed, and dig through the cabinets. Once everything is in the open, start dividing up into piles that are easier to move around while packing. Because everything will be hectic and moving around while the process is ongoing, you'll likely have to tidy up multiple times before the moving day.

Downsize Your Inventory

Every item you move will either add to your moving costs or add more effort to the journey, so getting rid of what you don't want makes things easier for you overall. During and after your first round of cleaning, put aside anything you don't want to bring along into a junk pile. Once you've finished sorting through everything you intend to keep, split the junk pile into trash, donation, and freebie piles.

Set Aside Things You'll Move Yourself

Whether you need an item available immediately or can't stand to let anyone else hold onto it, there will be some things you will want to move by yourself. Put them in their own special section, and consider packing and moving them ahead of the primary moving days to minimize the amount of work necessary in one day.

Take Extra Steps for Unique Cargo

Hazardous materials, larger items, living things, and heavy appliances take an extra dose of care to move safely. Investigate what your moving company's policy is for shipping hazards and determine which items are absolutely not going to make it onto the truck. Some items, especially appliances, may require a certified technician to sign off on them being ready for transport.

Make Special Notes for Fragile and Important Items

Your movers will do everything they can to safely and securely transport your valuables to your new home or office, but they need your help to do the job properly. Set aside anything that is particularly fragile so it can be swaddled in protection that will help it survive the trip.

Plan the Move

Even with the aid of a professional moving company, the moving day will always be a busy time-crunch that can turn a few hairs to a shiny gray. You can't plan for every contingency, but you can make a loose schedule for when the movers will be there, the time on the road, return trips, sanity breaks, and so forth. If you're unsure of how long the movers will take for certain tasks, ask them!

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