While it may seem like the services offered by a business moving company and a residential moving company would be similar, they are actually quite different. This is because many of the items found in a business differ from those found in a home. As such, moving these items presents different challenges. Here are a few of the services offered by a business moving company that are not offered by residential movers.

Business Equipment Disconnect, Moving and Reconnect Services

Businesses have a variety of electronic items. This may include a fleet of computer, data servers, copy machines and business telephone equipment. Moving these items requires knowledge so the items are not damaged during transport. However, the moving company should also know how to properly disconnect all of these items and reconnect them. If your business equipment is not hooked up when it reaches your new office, you will have downtime, which can cost you money. This is why it is important for business movers to offer this service.

Moving Wheeled Items

Another service that businesses offer that differs from residential movers is moving wheeled items. No, this doesn't mean a car or truck. This means items such as desk chairs and mailroom carts. Items that can be moved by wheeling them have casters on them. These casters need to be secured and locked into place before moving the item. Otherwise, the item will roll around the moving truck, damaging itself and other items during transport. A business mover has locking mechanism to hold these wheeled items in place.

Relocating Paper Files

The last type of service a business mover may offer is relocating paper files. Paper files, such as those containing patient charts, claims information or receipts, need to be properly packed up and moved. Packing them out of order can make it a mess for your company to find what it needs at a later date. And sloppy packing can cause the papers to become creased, ripped or torn. A professional business moving company knows how to properly load and unload these files for you.

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