Injuries during a move are common and can range from a stubbed toe to an ER visit. Most of us know to protect our backs and lift carefully, but what other safety tips should we consider to avoid moving day pain? Check out these 8 moving day safety tips.

  1.  Distribute Weight Appropriately - It can be tempting to handle moving the same way we handle bringing in the groceries - get as much in hand as possible and reduce the time spent going back and forth. Resist the urge and pack heavy items in smaller boxes, like books and dishes, and reserve the larger boxes for bulky, lightweight items like bedding. 
  2. Park Close and Check Surfaces - Prepare for a smooth moving day by determining ahead of time where you will park and checking the pathways for rough or uneven surfaces. If there are cracks or other walking hazards, use brightly colored chalk or marking tape to bring attention to it so nobody takes a tumble.
  3. Keep Pets and Children Contained - Children and pets are going to be stressed enough with a move. Send kids and pets to a friend's, grandma's, or a sitter to keep them out from underfoot and suitably occupied during the moving process. Pets can also hang out in a kennel or crate during the process.
  4. Use Tools - Using the right equipment can make a huge difference in preventing injury during a move - handcarts, straps, even a marker to note boxes that need special care can keep everyone safe. Specialty items, like pianos, need special attention during a move. It's often a good idea to hire professional home movers that can properly dismantle, pack, and ship these items to their new home.  
  5. Clear a Path - Make sure the pathway through the house is as clear and trip hazard free as the one from the door to the van. Keep boxes out of the way, pick up moving trash, and remove any throw rugs from the space. Make sure everyone knows what the pathways are so they avoid leaving things in the way. 
  6. Be Prepared - Even the best-laid plans can go awry, have a well-stocked first aid kit on hand for accidents. 
  7. Hire Help - If you haven't moved in awhile or are feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring a professional moving team to tackle your project. Hedberg Moving is a respected, award-winning home moving company in Minneapolis. When you are ready to leave the work to the pros, contact Hedberg today for a quote. 

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