The beautiful days of summer are growing shorter and colder, but the twilight of beach season is no reason to be upset. For many parents who have been diligently leading their children through almost two decades of bumbling adventures, it's now time to release your spawn into the world and release yourself from the burden of practices, recitals, and fighting over chores.

Sending the Kid Off Successfully

Before you are officially left with an empty nest, you need to help your teen move to their new home, whether that's the freshmen dorms at a university or a small apartment while they work as they learn. Some housing aimed towards young folks in college areas will come pre-furnished, but most will need you to bring your own upholstery. Out-of-state moves are particularly difficult without a moving service, but even local moves can be dangerous when your haphazard youth is trying to be self-sufficient by lugging a full-sized mattress on top of a tiny sedan. Unless you want them coming back home incessantly over the first few months, take the time to set them up properly in their new pad.

Making Use of the Open Space

Now that they're gone, breathe in the air that's filling up all of that new space. While refreshing, it's time to replace that emptiness with an in-home gym, a media room, a rental space, or an office for working from home or on personal projects.

Downsizing Alternatives

If you don't have a purpose in mind for the extra space, you can now look for a smaller home that brings you more savings on top of having one less mouth to feed every day. This can be a dramatic shift in an already tumultuous time, but you can take advantage of it to move closer (or farther!) away from your child's new residence.

Embrace Your Freedom

Whether you're ready for a new office or a cozier home, there's plenty of moving to be done when your kids are taking the first steps in their own lives. Hedberg Moving will deliver your child's belongings in one piece, letting them have the pleasure of ruining it themselves. As you take back your own home, Hedberg will be there to transport your lost treasures out of storage, move new furniture buys into the open space, or move you to a smaller nest.

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