Moving to a new place can be exciting for the family in offering new opportunities and a chance to start fresh. But it can be a stressful jump into the unknown and unfamiliar, especially for older adults who may have spent all of their lives in the same home. Try these tips from some Minneapolis movers to make moving less stressful for older adults.

Get them involved.

No older adults want to lose control of their lives especially if they've been taking care of themselves and your family longer than you've been alive. So when you make the decision to move, get them involved as soon as possible. Take them with you on the house hunt, ask them for advice on locations and properties, and have them pick a room for themselves in the homes you view. Give them some responsibilities during the move, such as organizing the packing or keeping the kids out of harm's way. They'll become active participants in the activity rather than passive tag-alongs.


Check in with them frequently to see how they're feeling about the impending move. Then keep quiet and listen to their concerns. Empathize with what they're going through and confess that you're feeling the same way. Then offer positive alternatives to negative thoughts. For example, if they're worried about leaving the church they've belonged to for years, admit that you have the same concerns. But then point out some new churches you've researched around your new abode and how you can both check them out together before settling on a new one to belong to.

Bring along the past, virtually.

A bulky antique dining set, growth marks scratched on the wall, and even a view of a garden bench may only represent unimportant encumbrances to you that can't be brought during the move. But to older adults, they're tangible remembrances of things past that are hard to let go of. You can bring these precious items along virtually by taking photos or videos of them. Have family members pose around a treasured piece of furniture or show how they've grown next to the height marks. When the older adults want to remember those items, all they have to do is is look at the pictures.

Make it familiar.

Take multiple pictures of the current room belonging to the older adults, right down to how furniture is arranged and where favorite nick-knacks are placed. Then use those photos as a guide to duplicating their current surroundings in their new room. Rather than moving to something strange and foreboding, they'll feel that they're moving to someplace familiar. In addition, they won't spend time looking for the clothes they like to where or the accessories they like to use because these things are in locations that are similar to where they were previously.

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