Hiring a mover can help to make a move a bit easier on you and your family. You won't have to worry about packing, lifting heavy items or transporting your goods in a large moving truck. But if you select the wrong moving company, you may have other headaches to deal with. You may find yourself with broken items, missing items or movers who increase their price quote. As such, it is important to take the time to find a great moving company. Here are a few factors you should consider as you look for a moving company to help with your upcoming move.

If the Movers Offer Binding Quotes

As you look to hire a moving company, ask the company if they offer a binding quote. A binding quote means that the quote you are given is the amount you will pay. They can't increase the amount they charge you because it takes them longer than they think or because you have more belongings than they thought when they gave you the estimate. Getting a binding quote is one of the best ways to ensure you are not charged more when your items are delivered.

What Insurance the Moving Company Offers You

Another factor to consider as you hire a moving company is what type of insurance the mover offers you. All moving companies are required to provide you with basic moving insurance. However, this insurance rarely covers the full value of your belongings. Look for a company that offers insurance that provides you with the full value of your belongings to ensure you are not out money if something is accidentally broken or lost.

The Reputation of the Moving Company

The last factor to consider as you hire a moving company is the reputation of the moving company. Do Internet searches to see what others who have used the movers have to say about them. If you see an overwhelming number of negative reviews, you may want to steer clear. Likewise, if you see glowing review after glowing review, the company clearly makes their customers happy and may be one you should look into using.

Hiring a mover is a big decision. If you are looking to hire one in the greater St. Paul, Twin Cities Metro Area or Minneapolis, Hedberg Moving can help. We can help with all of your moving needs including home moving, apartment moving, condo moving, packing services and storage services. Call us now for a free estimate or to learn more about our company.

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