Are you looking to move this summer? If so, you are not alone. Summer is the height of moving season as people try to move during these months so as to not interrupt their children's school schedule. However, moving when it is hot presents its own unique set of circumstances. You have to be careful or you can become dehydrated or even experience heat stroke. Here are a few tips to help you stay cool if you plan on moving this summer.

Stay Hydrated

The most important tip to help you stay cool and safe during a summer move is to stay hydrated. It is easy to forget to drink water when you are moving. And you don't want to drink a lot at once or you could find yourself experiencing cramps as you lift and move heavy objects. However, ensuring you take a few drinks of water here and there can help ensure that your body gets the water it is losing as you are sweating and working out in the sun.

Take Regular Breaks

Another way to stay cool when you are moving during the summer months is to take regular breaks inside an air conditioned or cooled space. Most people want to trudge through moving and get it over with as quickly as possible. However, taking a five minute break every 30 minutes allows your body the opportunity to cool down, gives you a chance to drink some water and allows your body to rest a little. If it is extremely hot out, use cool towels to wipe your face and body down and take breaks more frequently to help regulate your body temperature.

Plan Things Out Ahead of Time

As you prepare to move, try to plan ahead as much as possible. Have everything that can be packed up, packed and ready to go. And before you begin lifting your large or heavy pieces of furniture down the stairs, make sure they will fit. If they won't, you may need to remove legs or break down the piece as much as possible. However, you don't want to find this out when it is 90 degrees out and you can't fit the item in your apartment stairwell. Planning things out can help you avoid this scenario.

Hire a Mover

The last tip to staying cool while moving during the summer is to hire a mover. A mover will do all of the work for you so you don't have to worry about moving when it is hot. If you can afford to, this is a great option. However, keep in mind that the movers will be hot, so keeping a few cold drinks on hand and offering it to them on their break time is always appreciated.

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