If you need to move your business, you will want to hire a business mover, also referred to as a commercial mover. A business mover performs different tasks than a home mover. As such, there are different factors you need to consider when hiring a business mover. Here are a few of the things you want to look for as you hire the right business mover for your move.

How They Charge

When you are looking to hire a company to move your business, you will want to pay close attention to how they charge you for their services. Some commercial moving companies charge by the hour, while others will give you a binding quote with an estimate. A binding quote ensures that you will not be charged more than the agreed upon price, even if it takes more time than the company estimated. If you agree to pay by the hour, you may find that you are paying more if the company or you underestimates how long it will take to pack up, move and unload your business.

What Experience They Have Working With Businesses

Always ask what experience a moving company has with moving businesses as you look to hire a business mover. Moving businesses is different than moving homes. The equipment needed to move heavy and large office furniture, computer equipment and files is different than the equipment needed to move a sofa and dishes. If a company has never moved a business before, or has limited experience, they may not have the right equipment or may not know how to properly move all of your business equipment.

If They Can Work Around Your Business Hours

Lastly, always ask a company if they can work around your business hours. If your business is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, you may be looking to move your business as soon as the doors close on Friday evening. This helps ensure that your new business will be set to open Monday morning, with no disruptions. However, you have to find movers who will work around your business schedule, including working overnight hours and weekends. Be advised, you may be a premium for it, but it may be worth it to prevent your employees and customers from being disrupted.

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