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Moving from urban Minneapolis to the suburbs marks the end of one period of life and the beginning of a new adventure. The first leg of that adventure begins with moving your possessions out of the old home and into the new. Will you ask friends and family for help, or compare Minneapolis moving companies before deciding?


When you consider all the heavy loads and travel time from city to suburb, you know the move will cost a lot. You will need:

  • Gas money
  • Drinks
  • Moving boxes
  • Furniture blankets
  • Hand trucks

If you do not own a truck, you will need to rent one, or more, for the job.

After asking all your friends and family for help, you have 12 volunteers. On moving day, only half show up. You never see or hear from two again and the others have a 24-hour flu virus.

The first load reaches your new home and the trucks sit half-empty when someone suggests a food break. Restaurants come up for debate and after an hour, everyone decides to eat at different places. They all promise to come back in less than an hour.

Two hours later, one helper returns. The rest of the moving party found a downtown sports bar streaming the Packers preseason game. You end up moving alone after your lone helper vanishes during a restroom break.

Professional Movers

Instead of relying on friends, call a few Minneapolis moving companies for comparisons and estimates for their services. To find a reputable company to move you from city to suburb, look for local moving companies that:

  • Come to your home and estimate the costs based on their observation
  • The Minnesota Department of Transportation has authorized for intrastate transport
  • Carry workman’s compensation insurance as required by Minnesota law
  • Give you a written recommendation from a previous customer upon request
  • Have no complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau
  • Will work within your time frame

At the end of the move, the estimated and actual total can differ. A substantial difference between the estimate and total should come with an itemized explanation. With the formalities behind you, the moving professionals take over.

Moving day

Minnesota Movers arrive on time and begin packing your belongings, carefully, in boxes. You can choose to pack all your things, let the movers box it all or divide the job between you and the moving company.

Labeling your boxes as they fill-up takes just a second and it helps more than you think once you begin unpacking in your new home.

If you prefer to stay out of the whole process, most local moving companies will unpack for you and your new home will feel like home when you arrive.

Valuables and antiques

If you own antique furniture that needs special care during transport, the movers also bring furniture blankets and other protective packaging to keep your possessions from contact with other items in the moving truck. They will also load the truck in a way that reduces movement of the load during the drive so you need not worry about damages. However, if you still have concerns follow these tips:

  • Insure your antiques before moving
  • Provide your choice of protective packaging if the moving company does not offer it
  • Keep small valuables hidden and move them personally
  • Move jewelry personally

Which works better?

In comparison, which moving day goes the smoothest?

Your friends and family end up watching a football game while you load furniture and unlabeled boxes into a truck. Alone, you unload the truck and put its contents in random rooms of your new home. It takes a week to finish moving and another year to empty your unmarked boxes and arrange furniture.

The professionals arrive at your home on time. They load your belongings in boxes, which they clearly label, and load everything into a moving truck. They arrive at your new home, unload your belongings and place them in the correct rooms, where they also unpack each box.

The answer seems clear. Contact Hedberg today.


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