If you are looking to save money on your move, you may be Googling various ways to save money when hiring movers. One of the ways this can be done is with a shared or partial load moving service. However, these are not terms that most people are familiar with. Getting answers to the questions you have will help you learn more about it and determine if it is ideal for your move.

What is a Shared or Partial Load Moving Service?

Shared and partial load moving services mean the same thing and are used interchangeably. If you do not have a full truck's worth of items you are moving, you only have a partial load. Traditionally, you pay the same amount whether you have a full load or partial load, since you still need the truck, a driver and the same amount of gas. However, with shared or partial load moving services, the rest of the space in the truck is filled with a different persons' belongings.

Are Shared Moving Services Always Available?

Not every company offers shared moving services. But the companies that do offer it typically always have something available. They often work with other shipping services to deliver not only household goods, but goods to retail locations, warehouses and mail services, helping to ensure there is always some kind of partnership to share with.

What Are the Benefits of a a Shared or Partial Load Moving Service?

The biggest benefit to partial load moving services is that it is cheaper. Instead of carrying the cost of the truck, driver and gas on your own, your costs are reduced because someone else is also using the truck and helping to offset these prices. However, some people think that their costs will be cut in half by doing a shared move. This is not the case. The movers still need to load and unload your belongings, so you are still charged for that, as is the other person. Additionally, it is fairly rare that both people use equal amounts of the truck and are traveling to and from the same spots. As such, your price is offset based on how many miles your items are being transported versus the other persons, and how much space you use in the truck.

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