Obtaining quotes from moving companies will help you compare prices and hone in on a company that is competitively priced. However, not every company includes everything on their moving quote. As such, what looks like a good price may not be when you discover later on that you need to pay more money for something that you thought was included. Here are a few of the items that you should pay attention to when looking at moving quotes and find out the prices to if they are omitted by a moving company.


The Hourly Rate for the Movers

One important feature that should be included on your moving quote is what the hourly rate for the movers is. Most quotes include a period of time to pack, load and transport your goods. They then list a price for this. But what happens if it takes movers longer to pack or load your belongings? Typically, the cost is passed on to you. As such, it is important that you understand what the hourly rates are before you sign a contract to ensure you are being charged a fair and reasonable amount.


The Cost of Moving Supplies

Unless otherwise specified, you should not assume that a moving quote includes moving supplies. This includes items such as boxes, bubble wrap and tape. All of these items can add up quickly, so ask the moving company to include them in the price of a quote or shop around to find the best deal on these supplies before movers arrive at your home, ready to pack.


Moving Insurance

The last item that you should be included on a moving quote is the cost of moving insurance. You are not obligated to purchase any moving insurance from a moving company. However, it is strongly advised that you do. A great moving company will provide you with estimates for the various insurance types they offer, to allow you to decide if it makes sense for your move. This also gives you the opportunity to shop around with your insurance company and see if they offer comparable prices to that offered by moving companies.


As you prepare to move, it is recommended that you obtain moving quotes from at least three different companies. Hedberg Moving, in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities Metro Areas of Minneapolis would love to help. We provide home moving, apartment moving, condo moving, packing services and climate controlled and secure storage facilities. Contact us today and let us provide you with a free moving quote.

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