If you want to reduce the expense of hiring Minneapolis movers and minimize the hassle, get rid of as much stuff as you can first. Here are a few tips on doing just that.

What to Get Rid of

Think about the things that you truly need in your new home and how much more room you'll have if you don't bring these unnecessary things into your new spaces.

●        Books: Old tomes can weigh a ton, especially in hardback, and require storage that is convenient to reach. Get rid of books that no longer move you since you won't miss them. You can also leave behind old college textbooks and reference books that are not as current as the Internet.

●        Old Clothes: Don't bring clothing that you haven't worn for a year since you most likely have forgotten that you have them. You won't need those pants you no longer fit into. You can always purchase new clothes in the future if your lose or gain weight.

●        Appliances: You Don't Use: It can be cheaper and more convenient to just buy your favorite juices from the supermarket, than to run fruits and vegetables through your food processor. And why are you hanging on to that portable burger maker that's so hard to clean? Get rid of kitchen appliances you don't use so they don't take up valuable counter or cabinet space.

●        Food: Try not to bring any food at all. Perishables may not survive the journey, even when not refrigerated for a few hours. Canned or packaged goods may deteriorate when exposed to the extremes of heat inside a moving van. Even professional home movers in Minneapolis don't want to deal with the smell of rotting produce. If you can't give the food away, throw a going-away party where you can serve all of it!

How to Get Rid of Your Stuff

If you want to make some money and have the time, trying selling your stuff at an online auction site. Because it exposes your goods to a wider pool of buyers, you'll most likely get the highest prices for them.


The traditional garage or yard sale is also an effective way to sell most of your stuff in just a few hours of one weekend day. Ask for free signs from your local real estate agent and don't forget to advertise to your friends on social media.


Whatever you can't sell, you can give away to thrift shops or local charities. While you won't make money from the donation, you can most likely deduct it from your taxes, and it’s good for your local community.

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