In some cases, you find out that you need to move a couple of weeks before you set out to a new town, city or state. When this occurs, you are on the phone as quickly as you can trying to find a moving service that can help you move based on the deadline you are given. In other cases, you know months ahead of time that you are planning to move around a certain date. When you have time to plan out a move, you may find yourself wondering how soon you should book a mover.

When Should You Book a Mover?

As a general rule of thumb, you should book a mover as early as possible. Many moving companies begin to take reservations up to six months in advance. This is especially true and important if you are planning on moving during peak season for movers. This includes holiday weekends, spring break, early and late summer and Christmas break. Weekends also tend to book up sooner than weekdays. The earlier you are able to book, the more likely you will be able to get the moving dates that work best for you at a reasonable price.

Should You Book if Your Plans Are Tentative?

Hiring movers months ahead of time can be challenging, as dates can change. You may be unable to secure a rental for the dates you were hoping to move or the home you were having built may fall behind schedule. Ultimately, you have to decide how comfortable you feel booking movers ahead of time knowing plans can change. It is also important to read your contract with the moving company carefully. Some may charge you a fee if you have to change your dates and do not give adequate notice. The amount of notice you are required to give varies based on the company. If you cancel you move altogether, your deposit may be non-refundable. Because of this, you have to carefully consider how sure you are about your move before booking movers.

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