When you are preparing to move, you may be thinking about hiring a moving company. However, one of your fears may be that they underestimate the time and space, and in turn, you will end up paying more than quoted. Here at Hedberg Moving, we take many steps to ensure that the quotes we provide are as accurate as possible. Here are a few of the ways that we make sure the price we quote you is accurate to help you feel confident that the price you are quoted will be the price you will pay.


Providing an In-Person Quote


One of the ways that Hedberg Moving helps ensure that their quotes are accurate is by providing you with an in-person quote. When a company provides you with a quote over the phone, the quote is not nearly as accurate as it is when an in-person quote is given. This is because when an in-person quote is given, the mover has the opportunity to see just how much stuff you have, the size of your rooms and the size of your furniture. A three bedroom home can be as small as 1000 square feet or as large as 2500 square feet. There is a huge difference in the amount of stuff that one person can have in the smaller home versus the larger home. And everyone has a different amount of belongings. One person may be a minimalist while another may have their closets and cabinets bursting at the seams. An in-person quote helps a mover see what you have and how much space and time your move will take.




The second reason why Hedberg Moving is able to provide accurate quotes is because we have experience. An experienced mover is better able to eyeball the stuff you have and give you an accurate quote. They have experience knowing how long something takes to pack or how much space an odd-sized couch will take up in a moving truck. Some things you only gain through experience, and providing accurate moving costs is one of these things.


When you are looking to hire a mover in the greater Minneapolis, St. Paul or Twin Cities Metro Area of Minnesota, call Hedberg Moving. We are a professional moving company specializing in home moving, apartment moving, condo moving, packing services and providing climate controlled and secure storage facilities. Call us now to get started on your moving quote. 

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