When your loved one is no longer able to safely live independently, you may be placing them in an assisted care facility. This can be a life-changing moment in both their life and yours. Hiring a mover can help make the transition a bit easier on both of you, as long as you hire the right mover. Here are a few of the ways that Hedberg Moving can help you when you are moving a loved one to an assisted care facility.


Packing and Unpacking Services

One of the ways that Hedberg Moving can help when you are moving a loved one to an assisted care facility is by offering packing and unpacking services. Your loved one may be unable to bend over or lift above their head, making it challenging to pack on their own. And you are likely busy and may not be able to help pack or unpack. We can pack and unpack all of the belongings that are going, helping to free up more of your time for other activities, such as spending quality time with your loved one.


Rearranging Furniture in the Space

When your loved one arrives at the assisted care facility, it will likely already have pieces of furniture in it, such as a bed and dresser. However, your loved one may not like the layout, or how the items fit with the furniture they brought. The nurses in the facility likely are unable to move the furniture due to liability issues. But at Hedberg Moving, we can help you rearrange the furniture in the space, as long as it is permitted, helping your loved one to have a layout that they prefer.


Arranging the Belongings to Mimic the Old Space

The last way that Hedberg Moving can help when you are moving a loved one to an assisted care facility is by helping to arrange your loved one's belongings to mimic their old home. This may include hanging pictures and mirrors in the same order they were in on the wall or ensuring a blanket is draped over a chair. Moving to a new place can be stressful, no matter the stage of life. We can take the time to ensure that they feel at home by mimicking how things were in their old space, if that is what they desire.


When you are looking to hire a moving service to help you moved your loved one to an assisted care facility, Hedberg Moving can help. We are a professional moving company offer moving services such as home, apartment and condo moving, packing services, assisted care facility moving services and renting climate controlled and secure storage facilities.

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