In a perfect world, you would move from one location to another, with no lapse of time between the two. However, since we live in an imperfect world, this is not always possible. You may be moving out of one home and into another home that is still under construction. You may be moving out of a home and taking the time to travel before you put down roots in another home.


Or you may be moving out of your home and moving in with family until you determine what your next move is. In any of these situations, you need a place for your belongings to go until you have a home you can move them to. In this instance, you can rent a self-storage unit, use a moving pod or you can get a storage vault. If you have never heard of a storage vault before, you may have many questions about it. Here are a few of the questions you may have about a storage vault.


What is a Storage Vault?

A storage vault looks like a moving pod that is made out of wood instead of metal. This helps to keep the expense of the vault low, while still protecting your items while they are being stored. The vault is filled up and then placed inside of a warehouse with many other vaults.


How Does a Storage Vault Differ From a Self Storage Unit?

The biggest difference between a storage vault and a storage unit is that the vault can be filled up and secured at your home. It is then transported to a warehouse where it can be stored until you need it delivered to a new location. The warehouse is typically climate controlled, ensuring your belongings are not subjected to temperature extremes that storage units can be subjected to.


Can You Access Your Items Once They Are Placed in a Storage Vault?

Most companies will allow you to access your items once they are placed in a storage vault. However, since they have a large number of vaults, you typically have to call ahead and make an appointment. This allows them to move your vault to an area where it can be safely opened and accessed.


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