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At Hedberg Moving Solutions we have a box for just about everything you can think of. Why do we sell so many types of boxes? We know how helpful they can be. If you have ever moved clothing you would know wardrobe boxes are great for keeping your clothes hung and clean while moving and you can put your extra shoes in the bottom. We have boxes for mirrors, TV’s, dishes and more. Need a tape gun and black Sharpie? We have those too. At Hedberg Moving we can help you with not just your move but also your pack up!

Item: Pricing (each): Dimensions:
1.5 Carton “small” Box $1.50 16.5”x12.5”x12.625”
3.0 Carton “Medium” Box $2.50 18.25”x18”x16”
4.5 Carton “Large” Box $3.50 18”x18”x24”
6.0 Carton “Extra Large” Box $4.50
Dish Box $5.50
Dish pack Kit $11.75 Includes dish box plus dividers for glasses
Mirror Carton $9.00
Mirror Carton Kit $19.99 Includes cardboard inserts to keep frame
Packing Tape – Small Roll $2.99 55’ Roll
Packing Tape – Large Roll $5.00 110’ Roll
Bubble Wrap $30 5/16”x12”x40”
Black Marker $2.50 Careful: Sharpie
TV Carton $85.00 Flat Screen up to 50”
TV Carton $95.00 Flat Screen Up to 60”
Wardrobe Box w/Bar $10.99 2’ of hanger space
Speed pack $25.00
Lamp Box $4.00 12”x12”x40”
Crib Box $7.50
Mattress Bag Twin $4.99
Mattress Bag Full/Double $5.99
Mattress Bag Queen/King $6.99
Tape Gun $11.99
Stretch Wrap $2499 18”x1500’
Carpet Shield 39.99 14”x200’

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