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Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Plowing

Whether you're a seasoned Minnesotan or a new store owner trying to make your way in Minneapolis, it is vital to know what to expect during the winter. The annual average snowfall or the Twin Cities is 54 inches, with nearly half of that falling in November and December. The resting snow-depth has reached as high as 38 inches, and a single snowstorm can put over 20 inches on the ground in less than a week. The ever-present layer of one or two inches of snow that surrounds these outliers lasts from the middle of November until the start of April.

How Snowfall Impacts Business

Although more and more businesses operate in an online environment, most of these digital storefronts are meaningless without the physical location. No matter how well the pizza place's site sings a song about your pizza being in the oven, that cheesy pie isn't going to make it to the customer when the physical location is buried under snow. Even one customer turned away because they couldn't find a path through the snow in front of your store translates into lost revenue.

In the snowstorms that plagued the country in the winter of 2013 to 2014, the American economy shrunk by 2.1% due to transportation issues leading to empty inventories that failed to meet demand. This cascaded into less purchasing by storefronts, reducing revenue for the production companies.

It doesn't help that the snowy months are also an incredibly important commercial season. Black Friday marks the beginning of the shopping rush leading towards Christmas, and there will already be several inches of snow by the time it gets here. This makes the downtime caused by overflowing snow on your roadways more costly by the minute.

It can also be a pain for all of your employees. Aside from the understandable aggravation of driving in inclement weather, if your parking lot and other roadways are left unattended, they became a breeding ground for automobile accidents. The most loyal and dedicated worker is going to have a reduced level of production when they are thinking about how much the fender bender they had that morning is going to cost.

A Business on the Move

Hedberg Moving Solutions is a one-stop remedy for commercial snow plowing and relocation needs. Whether you need the parking lot cleared to make way for customers or a team of highly skilled and professional movers who can move your merchandise with care, call or fill out the online form to receive a free quote from our advisors.