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Moving into or out of an apartment involves special considerations. Leases, facility rules, stairs, elevators, narrow hallways, parking space can be stressful obstacles to overcome. Hedberg Moving Solutions staffs professionally trained movers will take care of these for you and get the job done right. Hedberg Moving Solutions can help you plan your move, give you an idea of what to expect on your moving day, and answer any of your questions so you can prepare in advance. Our professionally trained movers will help to make your move as stress-free as possible by providing you with excellent customer service.

Service you can take advantage of with Hedberg Moving Solutions:

Packing services and Unpacking Services- Clean and fully equipped trucks
- Use of moving Equipment 
- Free on-site estimates 
- Fully Licensed and Insured
- Competitive rates 
- Use of Item Protection

With the help of Hedberg Moving's professional apartment and condo moving services you can have a move that's stress-free and damage-free. You'll be surprised at how easy your moving day can be!

Tips for moving into or out of an apartment or condo: 

- Schedule your moving day with your property manager. You can make special arrangements for parking, elevator or stair use to make your move day easier. 

- Get your security deposit back! Here are a few things to double check before your walk through: clean the carpets not just in main room but also in closets, clean appliances like your oven & refrigerator, patch dings and dents in walls or door ways, check your shower drain. 

- Introduce yourself to the neighbors, your in a new place and probably don't know that many people so make the effort to get to know others. 

- Check the your bills, what were you spending and what will you be spending now? Can you afford the change? Also, make sure to read the fine print before you sign there could be hidden fees you have not accounted for! 

- Make sure to call in advance to switch over your phone lines, cable and internet. Sometimes this process can be long and it's hard to get an appointment time that works around your schedule so don't wait until the last minute

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